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Aarav Kumar: Height, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More


  • Early Life and Education

Aarav Kumar, born on September 15, 2002, in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, is the son of Bollywood power couple Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. Aarav, also recognized by his complete name Aarav Bhatia, embarked on his formative years amidst the vibrant city, immersing himself in the rich tapestry of both the cinematic and academic realms.

Navigating through the intricate pathways of his educational odyssey, Aarav found himself in the hallowed halls of esteemed institutions like the United World College of South East Asia and Ecole Mondiale World School.

Physical Appearance

Height[183 cm]
Weight[80 kg]
Eye Color[Blue]
Hair Color[Black]

Aarav Kumar Family:

  • Parents

Aarav is the proud son of renowned actor Akshay Kumar and bestselling author Twinkle Khanna. The dynamic duo, known for their contributions to the entertainment industry, has undoubtedly influenced Aarav’s perspective on fame, creativity, and life.

  • Siblings

His younger sister, Nitara Kumar, adds a familial bond to Aarav’s life, creating a close-knit family unit that often captures the attention of fans and media alike.

  • Cousins

In the extended family circle, Aarav shares a cousinly connection with Naomika Saran, expanding the network of relationships that define his world.

Aarav Kumar Relationship/Affairs:

Details about Aarav Kumar’s personal relationships or affairs are not publicly available, as he maintains a private and low-profile stance in the public eye.

  • Career

While Aarav Kumar’s career aspirations remain undisclosed, the influence of his illustrious parents and the Bollywood legacy is bound to shape his choices. The young star kid’s journey is one that holds the promise of versatility and creativity.

  • Facts
  • Aarav Bhatia, also known as Aarav Kumar, belongs to the lineage of the Kapadia family through his great-grandparents, including Betty Kapadia and Chunni bhai Kapadia.
  • Other Details

As Aarav Kumar continues to carve his path, the public eagerly awaits glimpses of his unique narrative, whether in academics, the entertainment industry, or other pursuits. Follow his journey through the lens of his famous family’s legacy on social media and public appearances.

Stay tuned for updates on Aarav Kumar’s ventures as he navigates the intersections of legacy and personal exploration. The young star’s journey unfolds in a world of endless possibilities, making him a fascinating figure in the realm of Bollywood’s next generation.

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