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Boney Kapoor Refutes Claim That Janhvi Kapoor Was Born Before He Married Sridevi: ‘It Was Only in January…’

Producer Boney Kapoor has refuted claims suggesting that his daughter Janhvi Kapoor was born before he married the late actress Sridevi, clarifying that their marriage took place in January.

Setting the Record Straight

Boney Kapoor’s statement aims to set the record straight, addressing misconceptions and providing clarity on the timeline of events.

Personal Matters

The producer’s decision to speak about his personal life reflects the need to address false narratives and ensure accurate information is available to the public.

Privacy and Respect

Boney Kapoor’s response underscores the importance of respecting personal matters and ensuring that facts are presented accurately in the public domain.

Clarifying the Facts

In conclusion, Boney Kapoor’s statement serves to clarify the facts surrounding his marriage to Sridevi and the birth of their daughter Janhvi Kapoor. It highlights the importance of accurate information and privacy in personal matters, reinforcing the need for respectful and responsible reporting.

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