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Jhanak Shukla: Height, Age, boyfriend, Family, Biography & More


Born on January 24, 1996, in the vibrant city of New Delhi, India, Jhanak Shukla emerged as a multifaceted personality in the Indian entertainment industry. An Aquarius by zodiac sign, she is the daughter of Haril Shukla, a renowned documentary filmmaker, and Supriya Shukla, a well-known television actress. Jhanak’s journey in the spotlight extends to her younger sister, Damia Shukla.

Physical Appearance

Jhanak Shukla, with her New Delhi roots, possesses a captivating physical presence that reflects the amalgamation of grace and charisma. Here are the details of her physical attributes:

Height5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight55 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Her on-screen and off-screen persona showcase a unique blend of elegance and natural beauty.

Jhanak Shukla Family:

  • Parents
  • Father – Haril Shukla: A documentary filmmaker of repute, Haril Shukla’s influence is palpable in Jhanak’s journey, contributing to her deep-rooted connection with the world of visual storytelling.
  • Mother – Supriya Shukla: Supriya Shukla, a celebrated Indian television actress, adds a touch of the dramatic arts to the Shukla family legacy.
  • Siblings
  • Younger Sister – Damia Shukla: Damia, Jhanak’s younger sister, shares the familial spotlight, enriching the Shukla family narrative.
  • Extended Family
  • Uncle – Prashant Raina: Jhanak’s uncle, Prashant Raina, plays a role in the family’s connection to the entertainment industry.
  • Aunts – Surbhi Raina and Mukti Shukla Raghuvansh: Both television actresses, Surbhi and Mukti contribute to the artistic tapestry that defines the Shukla family.
  • Maternal Grandmother – Sunita Raina: Sunita Raina, Jhanak’s maternal grandmother, adds another layer to the rich familial heritage.
  • Relationship/Affairs

Jhanak Shukla, initially known for her single status, entered a new chapter in January 2023 when she tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend, Swapnil Suryawanshi. Their enduring love story has been a source of inspiration for many.

Jhanak Shukla Career:

Jhanak Shukla’s foray into the entertainment industry showcases her versatile talents. From her early days as a child artist to her evolution into a prominent figure in Indian entertainment, her journey is a testament to her dedication and passion.

  • Facts
  1. Born on January 24, 1996, Jhanak Shukla is an Aquarius, embodying the traits of innovation and creativity.
  2. Her familial connections extend beyond her immediate family, with uncles, aunts, and a grandmother woven into the fabric of her life.
  • Other Details

Jhanak Shukla’s life unfolds as a captivating narrative, intertwining stardom, family bonds, and a love story for the ages. As she continues to contribute to the Indian entertainment scene, her journey remains a source of fascination for her admirers.

In conclusion, Jhanak Shukla’s story is a celebration of talent, familial connections, and enduring love. As her career and personal life evolve, the spotlight on this Aquarian star promises to shine brighter with each passing chapter.

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