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Pankaj Tripathi Addresses Controversies Surrounding OMG 2: Clarifying the Film’s Intent

The upcoming release of OMG 2, starring Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, has been marked by controversies and discussions. Addressing the concerns and speculations, Pankaj Tripathi, who plays a central role in the film, emphasized that OMG 2 is not solely a film focused on sex education. The actor shed light on the film’s intentions and the responsible approach taken by the creative team.

A Thoughtful Creation:

In a conversation with ANI, Pankaj Tripathi revealed that he was initially narrated the film by Akshay Kumar himself, along with director Amit Rai and creative producer Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi, through a Zoom call. Pankaj highlighted the fact that the team comprises “responsible, educated” individuals who possess a deep understanding of cinema. He emphasized the careful approach taken while crafting the film’s narrative.

Respecting Cultural References:

Pankaj Tripathi shared an incident that exemplifies the meticulous attention to detail during the film’s production. Referring to a line that involved an Upanishad reference, Pankaj personally requested the director to provide him with the original text to ensure its accuracy. This instance reflects the team’s commitment to maintaining cultural and textual authenticity.

The Content and its Message:

Contrary to some reports, Pankaj Tripathi clarified that OMG 2 is not exclusively a film about sex education. He explained that the film presents a simple storyline that touches upon the subject of sex education towards the conclusion. However, the film does not conclude the discussion there; instead, it encourages viewers to engage their wisdom and reflect on the topic.

Yami Gautam’s Perspective:

Yami Gautam, who also stars in the film, echoed Pankaj Tripathi’s sentiments. She emphasized that OMG 2 handles the sensitive subject matter through the lens of a courtroom drama, portraying it in a considerate and meaningful manner. Yami underlined the importance of addressing such subjects, especially concerning children’s education, with sensitivity and care.

A Film with a Message:

As the controversy surrounding OMG 2 continues, the film’s actors have made it clear that their intent is to offer a thought-provoking and sensitive exploration of the subject matter. The film’s storyline is structured in a way that prompts audiences to ponder and engage with the content, rather than merely serving as a surface-level exploration of sex education.

Release Date and Anticipation:

OMG 2 is set to release in theaters on August 11, sparking anticipation and curiosity among audiences eager to experience the film’s unique approach to storytelling and its thought-provoking themes. As the release date approaches, the film’s message and impact are poised to resonate with viewers, underscoring the importance of responsible and meaningful cinema.

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