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Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection Day 5: Film Joins the ₹50 Crore Club in India Over Extended Weekend

“Fukrey 3,” the latest installment in the popular franchise, has achieved a remarkable feat by entering the coveted ₹50 crore club in India within just five days of its release, capitalizing on the extended weekend.

A Strong Box Office Performance

The film’s impressive box office collection indicates a strong and positive response from the audience, reaffirming the franchise’s popularity.

Extended Weekend Advantage

The extended weekend played a crucial role in “Fukrey 3” crossing the ₹50 crore mark, attracting a larger number of moviegoers.

Continuing the Success Story

“Fukrey 3” follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, maintaining the success and charm of the franchise.

A Milestone Achievement

In conclusion, “Fukrey 3” has reached a significant milestone by joining the ₹50 crore club in India within five days of its release. This accomplishment underscores the enduring popularity of the franchise and reflects the audience’s enthusiasm for the film.

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