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Meghna Naidu Reflects on “Kaliyon Ka Chaman” and Overcoming Criticism

Meghna Naidu, the popular face from the early 2000s music video era, recently opened up about the mixed reactions she received for her appearance in the remix of “Kaliyon Ka Chaman.” The song, which quickly became a hit, propelled her to stardom. However, Meghna revealed that along with the love and recognition, she also faced significant criticism.

Facing the Flak:

In a candid conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Meghna shared her experience of dealing with criticism after the release of “Kaliyon Ka Chaman.” She recalled, “I got so much flak for Kaliyon ka Chaman. When I did that, so many people said, ‘Look at the clothes she is wearing, look at how she’s dancing.’ So much flak.” Despite the negativity, she found support from an unexpected source – her parents.

Parental Support:

Meghna emphasized how her parents played a crucial role in helping her navigate through the challenging times. She recounted their unwavering support, saying, “My dad and mom were like, ‘What has she done that’s wrong? She is working in front of everyone. She is not doing anything behind closed doors. Everyone is there, camera people, light people, sound people, everyone is there. There are directors, producers, everyone is working. It’s a job.'”

Understanding and Acceptance:

While her parents initially had concerns about some of her on-screen choices, they soon came to understand the nature of her work. Meghna explained that having her parents accompany her on shoots helped them grasp the professional aspect of her career. She shared, “Whatever work I was doing, obviously mom and dad knew about it. They probably were not happy that I was doing this, like a kissing scene, or a lovemaking scene, because people were not doing it in those days.”

A Journey of Diverse Roles:

Meghna’s journey extended beyond the music video realm. She ventured into Hindi films like “Hawas” and “Rain: The Terror Within,” and further explored the Tamil and Telugu film industries. Her versatility led her to television shows such as “Sasural Simar Ka” and “Jodhaa Akbar.” She even graced the Bigg Boss house in its tenth season.

Embracing Individuality:

Through the highs and lows, Meghna Naidu’s story underscores the importance of staying true to oneself, regardless of the opinions of others. Her experience with “Kaliyon Ka Chaman” not only highlights the challenges faced by artists but also the power of familial support in overcoming them.

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